Saturday, 9 January 2016

Celandine set to bloom

Folkies in East Anglia will have found it hard to avoid Celandine over the last year.

The Suffolk-based duo have played live on Felixstowe Radio and West Norfolk Radio, performed at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket and appeared at both the FolkEast Festival in the grounds of Glemham Hall and The Steamboat Folk Day in Ipswich, whilst further afield, they were invited to sing at the Knitted Folk Festival in Warwickshire. 

Their music has also been featured here on FolkCast, the UK's premier independent folk-based podcast.

Rosemary & Carys
Celandine are Carys, Rosemary and The Guitar With No Name. Their debut album, "She's Like The Swallow", won't disappoint anyone who has seen them live. 

These are songs that have been extensively road-tested, songs that have been requested again and again by those who are familiar with their live performances. There are re-workings of classics like "Black Is The Colour" and "Crow On The Cradle", clever mash-ups of traditional songs like the inspired "Horseback Fair", and original songs like the introspective "One Single Raindrop".

The warm engineering and lack of overdubs or other intrusive production leads to an overall close and personal feel to the album. What you hear is what you'll get if you see Celandine onstage, where you'll also be able to enjoy their witty banter with the audience.

This reviewer suggests that you should try to see them soon, while ticket prices are still reasonable. If "She's Like The Swallow" proves anything, it's that promoters will soon be booking them for bigger venues and charging large sums to
see them.

"She's Like The Swallow" can be purchased or downloaded here:

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