Thursday, 5 November 2015

Be part of our Christmas Selection Box!

Our annual Selection Box of music for the season of Christmas and Yule is taking shape at Folkie Phil’s secret workshop, somewhere near the North Pole (well, just off the M6 in Lancashire to honest).

MUSICIANS! Do you have a festive song you’d like to see as part of the Selection Box?*
WRITERS! Do you have a poem or short prose piece about Christmas/Yule? Why not record yourself reading it and send it to us?

There has been a Selection Box show every year since we started FolkCast in 2006, so this year’s show will be the tenth edition. Over the years we’ve presented an alternative to the obvious, commercial music that saturates Christmas, and we’ve spiced it up with poetry, recitations, fun facts and even recipes! This year will be no different, but we need your help!

Send your musical or spoken word contributions to us as soon as possible. Click here -  HOW TO SEND MUSIC TO FOLKCAST - for details of how to do that.

The Selection Box is a positive and (mostly) happy show, a celebration of the season in all its aspects - but while we don’t submit to cynicism we don’t wallow in sticky sentimentality, either. We feature music that is beautiful or jolly, wacky or wistful; our spoken word selections should make you think or make you laugh

The only humbugs we want are the stripy sort that you can eat!

* We really want original, new songs rather than covers of carols and other well known songs of the season. But less well known festive gems are welcome.

(You can access previous years' Selection Boxes and our other seasonal shows here:

STOP PRESS: A separate show - The Winter Storm - will feature music and spoken word about the season of Winter, separate from the Christmas and Yule season, and there’ll also be a new update to our annually expanding Last Hurrah! show, which provides a soundtrack for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. All contributions of suitable songs and spoken word for those shows are also very welcome.

  • Please get your contributions to us as soon as possible - deadline for Winter Storm is November 22nd, for the Selection Box it’s December 6th, and for the Last Hurrah! it’s December 27th.


Folkie Phil

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