Friday, 14 September 2012

Going underground

The Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, South-east London, is perhaps the strangest venue for live music in the UK - and that's against some pretty strong competition!

Their autumn season of gigs is about to get under way, including folk artists The Simon Hopper Band (as featured in FolkCast 032); Welsh trio Cerddcegin, whose members have won the Welsh National Folk Music competition (in a different formation); and singer song-writer Siobhan Wilson, based in Glasgow, whose track La Petite Minette was just selected Track of the Month in the Scotsman.

Of course, the music will be great - but what makes it especially cool is that it all takes place in a Victorian tunnel (the world's first under-river tunnel), 50ft below the Thames, which apparently creates incredible acoustics. Here's a clip of Catherine Feeny playing here recently which shows off the venue:

Catherine Feeny at the Brunel Museum, London from Alexandra Bone on Vimeo.

For more details, see the events page at the Brunel Museum's website.

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