Sunday, 15 April 2012

European Podcast Award - the result (at last)

In July 2011, FolkCast found out we had been nominated for a European Podcast Award. 

Now we've just found out that we didn't win. But we did OK. Out of 20 nominees in our category we came 8th. The awards were announced in March, but the European Podcast Awards people aren't the best at letting anyone know what they are up to, so it's purely by chance that we only now stumbled over the results.

Despite the explanation of the voting system (above) I have no idea how it works. Also, I have no idea who the jury panellists are - and you all know what I think about that aspect of any award! 

So, if you as a listener voted for us, thanks. And congratulations to the winners, Dark Compass - they are a great 'new music' podcast that have been around even longer than we have, and they are well worth checking out.

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