Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cropredy Quiz Competition result

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Cropredy Quiz competition. The winners have now been drawn at random from all the correct entries and they are: Nigel Plant of Hampshire; Roger Brown of West Sussex; and John Kanes of Kent
Congratulations to them! Their prizes of Cropredy goodie bags are on their way!

The correct quiz answers were: 

1) Over 600 (According to Peggy, how many CDs do Fairport receive annually from bands keen to play at Cropredy)
2) Belgium (in what country was the festival where Peggy and the Fairports saw both 10CC and Musafir?)
3) Richard Thompson (which former FC guitarist was once grabbed by The Dubervilles?)
4) 70 (How many years old is Steve Gibbons this year?)
5) Roy Wood  (Who was top of the bill on Friday night at 1998's Cropredy Festival?)
6) Prescott Manor (Name the house where FC first played a fundraising gig in Cropredy in 1976)
7) Belfast (In which city did Gareth see Horslips playing earlier this year?)
8) A361 (What is the number of the road that runs from Banbury to Daventry?)
9) Red Lion & Brasenose  (Name the two pubs in Cropredy village).

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Folk Lookalikes 5

Dear Sir,

I wonder if anyone has noticed the similarity between Fairport Convention's bass player and human pyramids champion (1971-1995) Dave Pegg and former Genesis lawnmower impressionist Peter Gabriel. Are they, by any chance, related? I feel we should be told!

Sol S. Buryhill

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Plea From Babba

As soon as one Story Behind The Song is researched, written and recorded, I start thinking about the next one. Usually, I have a song in mind, or someone has kindly suggested one, but very occasionally I have a good story and go looking for an appropriate song. Such was the case the other day when I thought it might be fun to tell the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot for November's FolkCast.

I was astonished to find that there are no folk songs about him! At least, none that I can find. I'm certain that there must have been a few that were written in the years following, but nothing seems to have survived.

So I'm appealing for help, FolkCasters! Do you know of any songs that feature Guy Fawkes? They don't have to be traditional, just songs that will fit into our folk/roots/singer-songwriter format. To save you wasted effort, I know that Attilla The Stockbroker wrote and recorded "Guy Fawkes' Table", but it's not really about the Gunpowder Plot; and I know about the nursery rhyme "Remember, Remember"... but I can't find a recording of the entire song!

Obviously, time is short to get this done and I need any suggestions as soon as possible, and certainly by the 28th October. Either leave a comment below or email me via FolkCast.

Many thanks for any assistance on this one. As ever, if there's any other song that you'd like me to feature in Story Behind The Song, just let me know.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bert Jansch, RIP

FolkCast co-presenter and musician Ken Nicol pays a personal tribute to Bert Jansch, who has died at the age of 67.

I’ve been thinking of who had the biggest impact on my guitar playing - my sister, Brenda, or Bert Jansch.

It was the mid sixties and, although Brenda never did play the guitar, she’d arrive back ‘up north’ on occasion from her studies in London armed with vinyl, the likes of which would not otherwise have found its way to Lancashire so soon. She was my bearer of inspiration, and never had I been more inspired than when introduced to the 1965 debut album, Bert Jansch.

Bert’s style fascinated me from the word go, and there seemed something particularly individual and deeper within that set him apart from all the lighter, smiley, everybody-sing-along type of folk music out there. I’m sure some thought the subject matter of his songs to be at least “grey”, maybe even depressing, but that suited my mood of the time. 

'Needle Of Death', 'Rambling’s Gonna Be The Death Of Me', 'Running From Home' ... songs soaked with understatement and beautiful introspection.

Bert Jansch: 3rd Nov 1943 - 5th Oct 2011 
The other thing was this guitar playing technique of his, it wasn’t logical at times, but I knew I needed to figure it out so I would spend my evenings next to the gramophone player, lifting the arm back time-and-time again to the same location of a track in order to work out the precise notes of a passage. And how many of us toiled for hours to play Bert’s version of Angie? 

Bert Jansch was not just a huge influence on my early guitar playing days, he’s in there somewhere, a part of what I am now. A modest and unassuming soul, I believe he’d struggle to grasp the influence he had on so many of us.

Bert Jansch website
Ken Nicol website