Monday, 5 December 2011

Great British Folk Festival 2011 - Day 2, Part 2

Saturday Evening

Night falls at Butlin's

I’ve never been what you’d call much of a swimmer, being more of a natural drowner, but FolkCast snapper Franceska Dante persuaded me that a trip to the pool would be Fun. Luckily for you, no photos exist of my dip...

Steve Gibbons - ghosts
Having bobbed up and down in the waves, been powered through the rapids, soaked by unexpected eruptions of compressed air, bubbled, flumed and submerged, your now much-diluted correspondent can only agree. Splash Waterworld serves up huge ladlefuls of Fun ... with a capital “Kersplosh”!

The fun continued with a solo set from Steve Gibbons in Centre Stage, where he let loose the ghosts of Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan and Elvis. 

A pity to miss Merry Hell in Reds, but those are the choices that are made at a two venue festival.

A colourful character at the fest
No problem with choosing the mid-evening artiste,  though – sorry, Matthew’s Southern Comfort, but Cara Dillon and her band were too big a temptation.

Cara Dillon - warm embrace
With a set that ranged from older numbers to some that were new to me, her glass-smooth, velvety vocals had a near capacity audience held in a warm embrace for ninety minutes.  A flawless performance of ‘There’s No Peace For Me’ drew the most applause of the night.  Cara recorded the closing song for the Disney film ‘Tinkerbell’s Dream’ earlier this year, and if audience appreciation for ‘Fly With Me’ is anything to go by, she’s going to sell a lot of CDs. 
CD business - selling sounds at the Great British Folk Festival

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