Sunday, 4 December 2011

Great British Folk Festival 2011 - Day 2, Part 1

Day 2 - Saturday afternoon at Skeggy!

While I enjoy the business of erecting a tent in a field, inflating a mattress, fetching water and brewing coffee on a one-ring gas burner as much as the next man, there’s no doubt that such efforts can be badly affected if it’s raining. Or cold. The Great British Folk Festival may have spoiled me for future events, because I’m now quite keen on having a chalet to return to, where hot water is immediately available and someone comes in every morning to make the bed. A warm and comfortable bed that’s not easy to leave. Luckily, Butlin's take the needs of the lazy festival-goer into consideration, and serve breakfast as late as 11 a.m.

Wobbling slightly under the influence of porridge, orange juice, full English, toast, marmalade and coffee, we decided that lunch would not be required. Quite possibly for several days. To the music, then!

Richard Digance - reliable
Richard Digance is always a good bet for a lunchtime session. You know exactly what you’re going to get. Plenty of audience participation, singalong songs, jokes, sharp observations (“Is a game of charades the very worst time to have a heart attack?”) and one or two items that make you think. It’s a good-humoured wake-up session, and Richard didn’t disappoint.

Joe O'Donnell
He was followed by fiddler Joe O’Donnell and his band Shkayla, playing a selection of Irish and Breton tunes from the rockier end of the folk/rock world.

The last band of the afternoon session were The Wurzels, always something of a Marmite band in my opinion. If you like their music, they deliver it very well, with lots of quips between songs and much interplay with the audience. If, like me, you’re less keen… well, there’s a lot of alternatives to tempt people here at Butlin's.
The Wurzels
There’s an open mic and jam session going on at Jaks every afternoon, football in 3D over in Hotshots bar, snooker in the Green Baize games room, Adventure Golf, go-karting, a cinema, a spa with hot tubs and many treatments, archery, fencing, ten pin bowling, and table tennis. 

Oh, it’s all going on, here in Skegness!

(Check back here soon, I'll be posting more reports by me and photos by Franceska Dante)


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