Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cropredy Quiz Competition result

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Cropredy Quiz competition. The winners have now been drawn at random from all the correct entries and they are: Nigel Plant of Hampshire; Roger Brown of West Sussex; and John Kanes of Kent
Congratulations to them! Their prizes of Cropredy goodie bags are on their way!

The correct quiz answers were: 

1) Over 600 (According to Peggy, how many CDs do Fairport receive annually from bands keen to play at Cropredy)
2) Belgium (in what country was the festival where Peggy and the Fairports saw both 10CC and Musafir?)
3) Richard Thompson (which former FC guitarist was once grabbed by The Dubervilles?)
4) 70 (How many years old is Steve Gibbons this year?)
5) Roy Wood  (Who was top of the bill on Friday night at 1998's Cropredy Festival?)
6) Prescott Manor (Name the house where FC first played a fundraising gig in Cropredy in 1976)
7) Belfast (In which city did Gareth see Horslips playing earlier this year?)
8) A361 (What is the number of the road that runs from Banbury to Daventry?)
9) Red Lion & Brasenose  (Name the two pubs in Cropredy village).