Monday, 18 July 2011

FolkCast nominated for a European Podcast Award

For the third year running, FolkCast has been nominated for a European Podcast Award, sponsored by Olympus Audio Systems.

The European Podcast Award (EPA) covers all kinds of podcasts in any language from anywhere in Europe, and is divided into four classes: Personality, Non-profit (for universities, clubs and other non-profit organisations), Business (for companies and commercial senders), and Professional (for radio and TV stations or publishing houses). FolkCast has been nominated in the Personality class.

EPA is organised by the Initiative Europea Podcast Awards, who say: "The awards are for audio podcasts which are meaningful, original and popular, and of course are made in Europe."

Phil Widdows, presenter and producer of FolkCast, said: "It's great that FolkCast is being recognised on a European level as our show is downloaded right across the Continent, and indeed all around the world. 

"I'd like to thank all our contributors, my co-presenter Ken Nicol and especially Babba and Dave Alton for their brilliant features which really help us stand out. It's easy enough to just play music, but we've always wanted to do more than that and their features - The Story Behind The Song and Folk Lore-eate poetry - add so much to our shows."

Please click on this link to vote for FolkCast in the awards: VOTE!

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Bob said...

I was not able to vote using Google Chrome. It worked fine with IE