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Plug In - other podcasts of note and interest!

Plug In
When FolkCast started podcasting, in January 2006, the whole idea of recording yourself and "broadcasting" via the internet was novel and new. 

There was a community feel about the whole thing, with podcasters helping one another to reach bigger audiences by plugging one another's shows. Sadly, that has largely disappeared as the commercial concerns and mainstream broadcasters have, inevitably, moved in and come to dominate.

However, cross-fertilisation and co-operation is very much part of the folk world, and in that spirit I though I'd share a few interesting feeds at which you can point your podcatcher.

Mr Mitch Benn
First of all there's news that FolkCast in general and Ken Nicol in particular are part of edition six of Mitch "The Now Show" Benn's Comedy Podcast. We sent Mitch an MP3 of Ken's comedy number, "That Could've Been Me" and Mitch was bowled over by it, remarking:

"If you're going to play ukulele that well, I could listen to it all day. Seriously blistering uke action!"

Thanks, Mitch!

Brand new for April is a grand folkie adventure which will unfold over the coming weeks as a group of musicians and music fans walk 1,200 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats (they aren't going the most direct route, so it's longer than many 'end-to-end' walks), visiting all kinds of music events along the way. You can read all about The Folk Trail at their website, follow them via Twitter and also listen in to their short podcasts here, or via iTunes.

Damh The Bard
Our friend Damh The Bard has produced Druidcast since the middle of 2007 and as well as discussing Druidry and other Pagan religions - including Phallic Religion in the latest show! - there's lots of good folk, roots and acoustic music too. Prick up your ears...

Words Fail Me is a strange concept that's ideal for podcasting. Its presenters - the enigmatic Dave and Neil - talk about words and their meanings, with their recordings made live and (as far as I can tell) unedited from a suitably cultural location. If that sounds a bit weird, it is - but it's also fun and light-hearted.

Their March podcast saw them at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Why might that interest folkies? Well, each month they have a guest and - for no obvious reason - March's was Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention. Peggy discusses all kinds of things from working with Nick Drake and Robert Plant to the recording of Fairport's new album, Festival Bell. He then randomly selects a page from the dictionary, and the presenters gamely set about discussing the words they find there ... only to be rather embarrassed to discover themselves up to their ears in 'menstruation'.

And finally, check out Pick Of The Pods, a new show from Tom Robinson which seeks to find interesting podcasts of all kinds. He reviews other shows, so here's our review of his: it's a great idea, well-produced and presented, and full of interesting leads to new things to hear. However, it's a little too focused on mainstream podcasts from "Big Media", and when it does look at independent British pods it's so far been very London-centric. 

So, why not contact Tom and ask him to feature, oh I don't know, an independent podcast based in Lancashire which covers folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music... 

Meanwhile, keep focused on FolkCast, the independent podcast from Lancashire covering folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music.


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