Friday, 29 April 2011

Let's kiss and make up

Eliza Carthy -

Looks like Eliza Carthy could do with rubbing on some Jackie Oates! Check out the scaly skin on those shoulders...

Jackie Oates
No, we don't suggest that Ms Carthy indulge in some girl-on-girl action with lovely fellow fiddling folkie female Jackie (but then again...). 

Rather, we're on about this skin lotion/moisturiser/cosmetic goo, that - yes! - really is named after the afore-mentioned fiddling folkie female!
Jackie Oates - goo
 You couldn't make it up … but Lush can (Lush is posh chain of massage parlours, er, spa establishments...). 

We bet they could do a great line in "Eliza Carthy" hair styling mousse (also kills crabs)...

Actually, Eliza is not really suffering from a horrible skin disease, or turning into Frankenstein's mermaid, but is in costume to promote her latest album, Neptune. Silly us!

(Thanks to Emma Hartley at The Glamour Cave for the news on how to get your Oates. And apologies to Jackie and Eliza for using them to make bad jokes...)

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