Friday, 16 April 2010

FAF Week

It's Folk Against Fascism week from next Thursday, and lots of gigs are taking place with artists demonstrating loudly that folk music is not about to be hijacked by certain right wing political parties...

NB: Folk are Against Fascism every week, not just on the dates below. Fascism: never a good idea.

Here's a list of some of the events happening as part of FAF week. There are probably more:

* Thursday April 22nd - Prince Albert, Brighton - Mary Hampton, Jim Causley, Joe Burke

* Friday April 23rd - The Goose is Out - Dave Swarbrick

* Friday April 23rd - Black Smock's St George's Day Bash, Vauxhall, London

* Friday April 23rd - 1in12, Bradford

* Friday April 23rd - Roy Bailey supports FAF and is playing at the St George's gig in Derby

* Saturday April 24th - Sage, Gateshead, Kingsmen, Young Uns, Dogan Mehmet

* Saturday April 24th - Darwin Suite, Derby, PBS6

* Sunday April 25th - Keiran Halpin, the Bell Inn, Bath (lunchtime event)

* Sunday April 25th - Walthamstow Folk Club, Dave Delarre

* Monday April 26th - Julian Gaskell and his Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, the Bell Inn, Bath

* Tuesday April 27th - Megson at the Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

* Tuesday April 27th - Leicester, Musician, PBS6

* Wednesday April 28th - Green Angels, the Bell Inn, Bath

* Thursday April 29th - Woody Guthrie Folk Club, Liverpool

* Saturday May 1st - Hailsham Pavilion, Chumbawamba, Demon Barber Roadshow

* Saturday May 1st - Launch of Barnsley FAF, 12-4 outside Barnsley Topshop

* Sunday May 2nd - FAF Village FĂȘte. Evening concert sold out, but please come along for daytime fun.

* Sunday May 2nd - Poppy and friends, the Bell Inn, Bath (lunchtime event)

* Monday May 3rd - Nowt So Queer as Folk, afternoon and evening concert at Cecil Sharp House

More info from the FAF website.

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