Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The English Riverdance?

I've long wondered whether anything could be done to cast off the old fashioned image of Morris Dancing and allow the brilliant music and moves to come shining through, in the way that Michael Flattely did with Irish Dancing. Personally, I love the traditions of Morris, and enjoy watching a good side in full flight, but the style of dress and the way the music is performed does seem to create something of a problem for a lot of English people, who cringe away in horror at the very mention of their native folk art, as though someone had suggested spending the evening going electricity pylon spotting (not that there's anything wrong with that....).

Sadly, and undeservedly, Morris Dancing is a laughing stock. That needs to change.

Well, if anyone can give Morris the boost it needs, it's got to be The Demon Barbers, who have ably demonstrated in their live show just how exciting, nay thrilling, the dancing and music can be - the equal of anything on the world folk scene.

Now the Barbers are taking it to the next level, with the launch of Time, Gentlemen, Please!, which they say invites three young hip hop dancers for a night out at their local pub 'The Fighting Cocks'.

"Clog, Rapper Sword and Morris meet B-boying, Popping and Krump in this humourous and unmissable visual feast. Think Riverdance with a false moustache, Stomp with bells on and both sitting in the front seat of a Bugatti!"

It sounds brilliant - you can see it first at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds on May 15th.

Box office 0113 224 3801

Book securely online www.carriageworkstheatre.org.uk

Tickets £10.00, concessions £8.00

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