Sunday, 18 April 2010

April's Show is Go, Go, Go!

April Blossom
FolkCast 051 for April 2010 is now available for download.
This month we have music from: Zeptepi - Them Pastoral Pilots - Richard Koechli - Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles - Chris Ricketts and Mark Willshire - Peter Lacey - The Barracks Band - Mike Collins - Rick Wakeman - Craig & Willoughby - Jess Morgan - April Maybe May.
Our folk poet Dave Alton tells the story of Arthur Draws The Sword From The Stone, and Babba digs up the Resurrection Men, with the help of a new song by Chuck Owston.
Sorry for the delay in the release of this month's show. Personal circumstances conspired to make it difficult to find the time to put it all together. But I think the wait has been worthwhile!
Download the show from the ShowNotes

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