Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bye Bye Bogle, Bogle Bye Bye...

Following their recent concert at the Tyneside Irish Centre, Eric Bogle and Joe Giltrap pose for one last picture. Eric has recently announced his retirement from international touring. According to Eric his current tour of the UK & Ireland will be his last.... "My decision to retire from international touring is irrevocable, final, and ......probably," he says decisively. You can read more about Eric's intentions by visiting his blog Joe says: “My earliest memory of an Eric Bogle song was hearing Liam Clancy singing Now I’m Easy or The Cocky Farmer, as it is also known. I actually recorded this song myself in 1979. It was on a long deleted EP called Joe Giltrap & Zozimus. I also recorded The Band Played Waltzing Matilda with Irish Mist in 1982. It was featured on our ‘Second Time Round’ album, now also long deleted. "Eric played The Weavers for me in 1997. It was a fantastic ‘Sold Out’ gig and I sat watching from a prime spot on the pretext of being vital to the sound when in fact I should have been working on the door. "However, I am sure if Eric remembers it then it is for a different reason. It was a horrible wet London night, pouring rain, and some kids had thrown bricks onto the dressing room roof that day causing it to leak and it got progressively worse as the night went on. I remember Eric saying that it was good of me to arrange shower facilities before, during and after the gig. "I always include an Eric Bogle song in my set and get requests all the time for The Cocky Farmer and The Green Fields Of France. Songwriters are my heroes and Eric Bogle is a genius. It was a real honour to be asked to do a set on his show at the Tyneside Irish Centre."

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