Thursday, 9 April 2009

We've Found Him!

Babba's alive - and well. And we've managed to get his wise words on a scrathy bit of old tape, too - just before he slunk back into his cave, muttering about Chestnut Gin and something about a long shot on the Grand National... Anyway, the April show is now available for download from our website and there's some particularly fine music this month - plus the first folk poem from new Cast member Dave Alton, who tells the hauntingly strange tale of The White Moth. Dig in - and if you have any comments to make about the show, either send us an email (address at the website) or leave a note on the blog. Cheers! Phil


Anonymous said...

Well, still can't find the April show, even after refreshing.


FolkCast said...

Well, it's definitely there, Anon. Make sure the "Updated" date on the front page reads April 9th 2009. Press your F5 key. And if all else fails, follow this link...