Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Fine English Ceilidh band* STEAMCHICKEN have got in touch with news (we played the band in FolkCast 030). First of all, says Andrew from the band, they look set to be part of the bill at this year's Cambridge Folk Festival, which is a pleasant surprise seeing as some of the artists so far announced for Cambridge have been a little off the traditional folk beam - The Zutons, anyone? Only joking! The full list of Cambridge artists is, as always, a great mix of the usual suspects and some that are really left field and unexpected. But The Zutons, anyone? A good rock band, but folk? Anyone? Second of all, the band is about to hatch a new album - Calling All Chickens - and we'll be playing something from that soon, probably in our May show. And third of all, they are playing at the Phoenix Ceilidhs, Horwich, near Bolton on April 7th, with Martyn Harvey calling. * Can you have an English Ceilidh band? Shouldn't they be a "barn dance" band, or something? Discuss!

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