Monday, 23 February 2009

Victorian Farm

I'm very late in posting this, because the TV series has been and gone really. Victorian Farm was one of those "back in time" documentaries, with three people spending a year working on a farm using Victorian methods and machinery. It was uniformly excellent - highly informative, very entertaining and at times deeply moving. How so? In the final edition, the wheat was gathered in thanks to a horse-drawn harvester and lots of keen volunteers (all in period costume) and then it was back to the barn for a proper harvest supper with home-made bread, farm-raised ham and home-brewed beer. Oh, and live music from John Kirkpatrick! Hearing him perform John Barleycorn in about as authentic a surrounding as possible was an utter delight, and brought a lump to my throat. There are some repeats, with sign language, late on Tuesdays (past midnight, so Wednesday a.m. really) on BBC1. Or see here. As they say on Points Of View ..... More, BBC. More!

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