Friday, 12 December 2008

New blogging intentions

I've been a very bad boy. I've not been keeping up the FolkCast blog at all - nothing since April! Right, I've decided to mend my ways, starting today, and aim to post at least weekly from the beginning of January. (What's the name of that place at the end of the road paved with good intentions?) Anyway, that's the plan! First of all, FolkCast news. I've edited together the Festive Selection Box 08 (our seasonal mix of songs and tunes that, while not all strictly folkie, are all either good or interesting or funny), and it's set for release on Sunday 14th TO SUBSCRIBERS ONLY! There won't be a direct link from the website, although the ShowNotes will be there, of course. Subscription's free, and if you've got this far and not subbed, you either can't for some mysterious technical reason or can't be arsed to do it, so fair dos... I'm very pleased with this year's Selection Box - and not least because there are some things that are genuine FolkCast exclusives on there that you will hear nowhere else (which, of course, is the definition of exclusive)! Looking further ahead, 2009 promises to be a very, very busy one for Ken - who is touring as the special guest of Fairport Convention in the Spring (along with the other Phil ... comedian Phil Cool) and then he's off around the world and possibly elsewhere too with Steeleye Span for their many and varied 40th anniversary tours! Blimey, if he's not passing the end of your street at some point during the year I'd be astonished! What does that mean for the show? Well, for at least some FolkCasts, Ken's going to be missing in action, so I'll either be manning the mic solo or bringing in some guest co-presenters. Who? Well, I've no idea. It'll be an adventure finding out. But who knows - I might be able to tempt Babba out of his cave and into the studio properly for once... However, we will definitely be doing a new interview with Sir Ashley of Hutchings about his brand new album, My Land Is Your Land. In fact, we've already got it in the can! Look out for that as a separate podcast in January. One thing I want to use the Blog for is to pass on news from the Folkosphere - or be another outlet for it, anyway. Yes, we have a news page on the website, and that'll continue, but this is another outlet. To that end, here's some news about one of my favourite duos/trios/bands/orchestras ... SHOW OF HANDS will be heard on the BBC airwaves this Christmas Day – immediately after the Queen’s speech! A recording of their sell-out show in the famous Devon gardens of RHS Rosemoor last September will be a highlight of BBC local radio Christmas programming. It will be broadcast on no less than seven BBC stations at 3.15pm, following the traditional festive speech by HM The Queen and bringing back memories of al fresco days. Recorded by BBC Radio Devon, it will be played out on that station along with BBC Radios Cornwall, Bristol, Somerset, Gloucester, Wiltshire and Swindon. And if you don't live in those areas, fear not - you should be able to hear it via the Internet. Do a search on the BBC website or use their marvellous iPlayer gizmo after the event. And there's more. On Thursday, December 18 they will perform a fundraising gig at Bridport Arts Centre, to help raise money for the venue’s refurbishment. The special “Show of Hands & Friends” gig, in a Dorset town with which they have strong ties, will also feature fellow FolkCast playlist types Billy Bragg, Reg Meuross, The Village Band, Simon Emmerson and Jackie Oates. (Tickets: 01308-424204). Right, that'll do for now. If I don't speak to you again via the power of either pod or blog before the big day, have a very happy Christmas. And don't worry about the credit crisis and all that nonsense, eh? It'll sort itself out, and things could be worse. You could be a rap fan... Cheerie-bye! Phil @ FolkCast

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