Monday, 21 April 2008

Drugs, nudity and video tape...

Well, I had to take a crash course in how to drive iMovie and how to convert .mov files into .mp4 and how to make video podcast postings via an RSS file (whew!) but it all just about worked, and the first ever FolkCast vidcast is now on the web. It's the latest release (... release? It damn well escaped!) from Ken, who is on the road with Steeleye Span for their spring tour of England and Wales. As well as audio podcasts, he's shot some video, too, so we've now included that on the feed. Quite a rush - in more ways than one. As for the drugs and nudity, well... you're going to have to see the video to find out about that! If you haven't caught up with Ken's diary yet - go here. Phil

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