Thursday, 8 March 2007

Folkin' hot acoustic!

I'm rather pleased with myself - I've just scored a huge promo for
FolkCast on what's probably the biggest podcast on the planet - the
Daily Source Code.

The DSC goes out every weekday, and includes all kinds of chat on techy
matters. If you are interested in computers, the Internet, cars, phones
etc, then you need to check it out. Also, there's plenty on music,
entertainment and, er, sex. It's far from the usual dry, nerdy ramblings
of such "specialist" shows, and it's the show that got me into
podcasting in the first place.

Give it a go:
Open iTunes and then click

I don't know how many people listen to this show - but it's in the high
tens of thousands. In fact, scrap that. It's also carried on the Sirius
Satellite Radio network in the States, so it's into the millions!

Anyway, one of the strands on the show is a celebration of the guitar
solo. I was listening last week, and there was the usual bit of heavy
metal-esque string bending ("guitar wanking", as they call it) going on,
and then a request for anyone in any musical genre to send in an example
of their work.

That was too good to miss, so I sent him about a minute of Fisherman's
Priest, explaining it was the theme music to FolkCast. They loved it,
although the description of it as "Riverdance meets Frankie Goes To
Hollywood" was a bit wild!    

Sunday, 4 March 2007

015 online ... eventually!

Well, the March show is finally online. Sorry for the delay - looking at the server log it seems like lots of people were visiting the website yesterday looking for it and not finding it. That was before the server went down for seven hours, of course... Once the technical hitch was sorted and "normal service resumed", the show - both parts - was uploaded. As ever, we await feedback with interest.
  • Do you like the two part format, or prefer the show in one, shorter lump?
  • Are you enjoying Babba's Story Behind The Song segment? Last month's, about Lord Franklin, got a great response.
  • Is Ken's Guitar Workshop useful? What subjects would you like to see him tackle?
  • And, perhaps most importantly, what about the music? Let us know what you like, and what you don't like.
As ever, emails or responses to the blog - negative or positive - are always appreciated. Keep focused on FolkCast! Cheers, Phil