Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The spirit of Christmas present

Wanted: Christmas presents

In December, FolkCast is planning to release a special extra podcast composed solely of seasonal music, mostly of a secular nature but evoking the spirit of midwinter, whether that be called Yule, Christmas or whatever.

We'd love to hear from any musicians who would like to contribute a track to this project. If you produce songs or tunes that fall into the usual (wide!) FolkCast net of "folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter or roots-based music", and have a recording you'd like to send out to thousands of listeners all around the globe, please get in touch via email. And if you don't have a recording already in the can, why not get in front of a mic specially for Christmas?

Please note: The music should either be original (you've written it) or traditional (no-one knows who has written it) or out of copyright. We cannot guarantee to use any or all submissions made, so please get in touch before spending time or money on recordings, to discuss the project further. Thanks!

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