Thursday, 14 June 2007


We've not had an interview on FolkCast for a few months, and for a couple of reasons. One is that they take a lot of time to set up, and because we're recording live from a phone line all sorts of things can go wrong (see the edition where we interviewed Steve and Phil from Show Of Hands for an example of the technical headaches you can get! I'm still amazed and delighted that the SoH lads took the time to help us rescue the whole thing.) We're still trying to master the recording of Skype (it's made much easier in the latest edition of Audio Hijack Pro - if you use a Mac, I heartily recommend it). Another reason for cutting back on interviews is that they take up a big portion of each show, and that means less music can be played. I personally often listen to the older editions of FolkCast because (if I do say so myself) we play some bloody brilliant music! The interviews are interesting to hear once, maybe twice if you're a big fan of the artist in question, but then they get in the way. But then it hit me. Why put the whole of the interview in the show itself? All we need is edited highlights, and put the whole thing out as a separate podcast! Obvious really - but I'd not thought of it until now. We're still learning with what is a still a pretty new format. Podcasting is a bit like radio, but not totally like it. So, that's what we'll do in future - and the future starts in July when our guest will be the fab and gorgeous MADDY PRIOR! I've just got off the phone (or, rather, off the Skype) with Maddy, who is a delight. She talks about her early career, about the start of Steeleye Span, about the years of being a pop star, and about the recent reformation of the band. There's lots of stuff about her many other projects, too, including The Carnival Band, the Quest, and her teaching sessions. And there's more info on SpanFest, too. You can hear all about it in our July show, and hear it all in a separate download which will be released at the same time - the first Saturday in July. Phil


Julian said...

brilliant - i look forward to July podcast !

may and june have been excellent - thanks for them

Martin said...

Just a quick note to say that I've listened to evry single one of the podcasts to date. Its a real highlight for my commuting listening! That said, I think the balance of the programme loses something without the interview. I certainly think of the show as more of a proffesional radio show rather than the standard pod cast offerings. Some spoken material to mirror the baba section does (i think) offer some balance.