Saturday, 7 April 2007

April 07 available now

It seems a long time since the mammoth March editions went on line, but that's just a trick of the calendar - a five week month from then to now - but we're back! There's no interview in the new show, and that's good, I think. The interviews are good at attracting people to the show - fans of the artists we talk to come to hear the words of wisdom and, I hope, then stick around for other shows - but long talks don't make great repeat entertainment. This month's show certainly does. It's packed with fab music - 17 songs and tunes. So, please let us know what you think of the music in this month's show, and whether you'd like more interviews. Maybe we should issue interviews as separate, self-contained podcasts?


Julian said...

April. Wonderful Show. A Folk music party to welcome spring.

Well done you both. Thank you.

I like interviews and would enjoy it if they were a separate podcast as they are available. Mid-month even ? Listening to an interview, even with music clips, does tend towards a different pace to the Folkcast show as a whole which has a great canter.

I think the way you already have it is good as well. This month - no interview. Next month ? maybe. maybe not. But there'll be interesting music and babba.


The Bard said...

Been listening since the first show and just wanted to say thank you both for keeping this Warwickshire lad's spirits lifted while I live in the US of A. Any chance you can play Black Rat's "A Scouring Song" again for me in a future cast as I am still humming it from last October.