Sunday, 10 December 2006

Two Way Street

I hope all FolkCast listeners enjoy the show - that certainly seems to be the way of it, judging by the feedback we get at the show, which is overwhelmingly positive. No, in fact it's 100% positive. And I also like to think of all the thousands of listeners all around the world as part of the show - a big family, but without all that seething jealousy and petty violence so many families suffer from, and without the weird cousin locked in the cellar... So, you may be thinking, what can we the listeners do to help the cause of FolkCast? Quite a lot! We're quite happy to take your financial donations (see the "Begging Bowl" section on the home page at to send us your cash!), but there are other things you can do for the show for free:
  • First of all, go on to your favourite search engine and type in "Podcast directory" (or click this link). Click one of the many links to the many directories and see if FolkCast is included. If it's not, either submit the details for the show yourself (if possible) or email me at the usual address (see the website if you don't know it - can't post it here, the spammers will get us!) and let me know, so I can register. If FolkCast is there, please rate, vote for or review the show. And please, be honest - say exactly how excellent you think FolkCast is! ;-)
  • You could add a review to the iTunes site for FolkCast, too. LinkOpen your iTunes, click "Store", search for FolkCast and then add a review.
  • If you have a website of your own, please link to us (
  • If you are going to a live music event (or just popping down to the nearest record store) why not print off a few FolkCast Fliers and distribute them?
  • If you read a music-themed web board or email list, why not mention FolkCast there?
  • If you have access to a college or hospital radio station and fancy broadcasting FolkCast in some form, get in touch with us to discuss it. We'd love to hear from you.
  • Also, don't forget to send us your comments about the music and features you hear on the show. Feedback to the email address - or leave a comment here. We'll read some out on the show.
  • Join our Frappr Map, put your virtual pin in the map and leave a comment in the forum section.
  • And finally, if you do nothing else, check out the Shownotes pages and find out more about the artists we feature on the show. Let them know that their music is being heard, and where you heard it! And if your favourite artist isn't getting played on FolkCast, go to their website, find their contact details, and ask them to get in touch with us!
Thanks! Phil Widdows FolkCast


Julian said...

great ideas - will do while am about on web

also bear in mind getting it put up as a torrent

and link submitted to bitorrent sites and the whole of that peer-to-peer set - limewire etc

also bear in mind the band and musician's names that people will use to find Folk music

you could put those words on your homepage e.g. "steeleye span"

yr homepage google rank 4 fair - but hope incoming links proliferate for you
and 5 and upwards

mp3 files can be free uploaded on huge variety of places too
(make sure tags all have the url- they don't at moment)

good luck with opening up to all the people who would enjoy this engaging show


"can't post it here, the spammers will get us!)"

FolkCast said...

Hi Julian - thanks for your comment.

I'm not sure about torrents - I'd rather keep control over where and how people get the show (the where and how being from us). It's important that I have an idea of how many listeners FolkCast has, and I can't do that if people are getting it "second hand". And what's the point of doing that when the show is freely available to everyone everywhere?

As for the homepage, we have terms such as "Steeleye Span" in metatags, and all the artists we feature on the show are included in our Shownotes, so search engines should pick them up.

Good point about the MP3 tags - I'll ensure the URL is included in future!