Sunday, 3 December 2006

Festive FolkCast

Things are a little different at FolkCast this month. Ken is away, on the road with Steeleye Span, so that means that the "talkie bits" (the links from Ken and me) had to be recorded before we'd actually decided on what music we were playing, which is a bit arse-about-face but needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle... That's why it's all very unspecific. The show's split in two, too. Half the first is the usual FolkCast fayre, with new music, Babba's calendar, and the Guitar Workshop, which is a "previously unheard" section of our interview with Chris While from a couple of months ago. The half the second is the Festive FolkCast Selection Box. What I thought would be really useful to listeners would be a solid block of music on a Christmas theme - something they could play instead of the usual mish-mash of Cliff, Slade and Boney M. And there's some really good stuff - including a couple of cuts from the Free Reed MidWinter box set (thanks to Free Reed for supplying that. If you've not seen this, follow the link and check it out. It's the usual superb quality set). I really like the music created by the Christmas Jug Band, too. Santa Lost A Ho is better than any Christmas song you'll hear trying to get to Number One this year, that's for sure! The same could be said for the final song in the Selection Box, Big Al Whittle's Let's Have A Drink. It's rude, it's crude, but Ken and I think it's hilarious, too! Mind you, I wouldn't fancy spending Christmas Day at Al's if that's the sort of thing that goes on... I left Big Al's polemic to the end, with a little gap beforehand, so it can be easily snipped from the rest of the Selection Box if anyone wants to transfer the file to a separate CD for the family Christmas party... Hear the show Shownotes - guide to what we play and when. PHIL WIDDOWS FolkCast


Julian said...

Gosh - I didn't realise until just now that Jan 06 was first. Enjoyed that one a lot and every one since.

well done - great show - and thankyou

i do miss seeing british folk live although caught fairport at 100 club on last month uk trip - brilliant

am now branching out into Vancouver (B.C., Canada) folk music. folkcast from here would be a fascinating thing

have a good yule


Julian said...

yes - in that last comment - i can see i've revealed my overwhelming dumbness.

i listened to Jan 06 again - it was just as captivating as the first time - but it clearly said it was the 001 the first. Also of course the podcasts are numbered.

Oh well glad i worked it out on my own

i thoroughly enjoyed the 'never mind the..' song in last podcast and ordered the CD from Wales

wonder what
"Diolch yn fawr,
means - feels good